Monday, May 11, 2009

"Northern Downpour sends its love"

This song is totally, completely, and without a doubt my anthem. It's just a gorgeous song. Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long while! I have just been bogged down with this painting of mine. It's almost finished and I cannot wait to hand it in and have it out of my hair! Anyway, I hope all your Mother's Days went great and you got mom a little something special to show how much you appreciate her! So, today was another visit to Philly, and Meesh was with me so that just made it tons better. Back to school tomorrow though, boo! I'm so glad I only have like 15 more days left! Yes! Okay, I will leave you guys with this AMAZING video and I am going to get ready for bed because I am exhausted! Au revoir, loves!

P.S.~ NYC with Ant on Friday for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I cannot wait to check it out!

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