Monday, May 18, 2009

Ice cream run and teeth whitening strips.

Random title, much? LOL! So, yeah, just got back from an ice cream run with Momma Dukes and am now making my teeth shinier for prom. I had no idea that prom would be this much work! I had to reschedule my hair and make-up appointments because I found out today that we would all be meeting at a friend's house earlier than expected! Ugh! Prom should be hella fun though. I can't wait! In other news, today two of my friends presented their senior project on installation photography which was amazing and HILARIOUS! If you don't know what installation photography is, look up Sandy Skogland who did an awesome composition called "Radioactive Cats." My daddy used to have a shirt with that on it, and I was so upset when he threw it out! LOL! Anyway, I'm gonna get ready for bed now. Short week this week. Thank God! And, prom on Sunday! Yay! Au revoir, loves!

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