Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crazy little month called May!

So, tomorrow is May first! May has always been my busiest month. To prove to you how true this statement is, here are just A FEW things going on:
-Dance recital/rehearsals
-Field Trip Day
-Beach trip
-Communions up the wazoo!
-Mother's Day
Again, those were only some things going on in my life during this crazy month! Anyways, I am sick to death of hearing about this stupid swine flu! Just shut up about that already! There's other news going on in the world besides that! Ugh! Anyway, I got some tutoring help from Mr. Genius today after school for my math project, and I am so glad. I had no idea where to even start and he finished it in like five minutes! God, I wish I knew math. Also, I just found out today that I am addicted to the cornbread from Boston Market! It is soooo good! Okay, I'm gonna go do my hair and go to bed now because I am super exhausted! Nails with mom tomorrow after school! Yay! A bientot, loves!

P.S.~ My foot has gotten smaller, so the pills must be working. Yay!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I want mac and cheese!

I just got back from the hospital and I am so starving! Anyway, apparently, this thing on my foot is a spider bite (damn spiders!) and it is very swollen. I was given some strong antibiotics and the swelling should go down in a matter of days, hopefully! Ugh! This is NOT a very fun week. We just started doing trig in math class and all these freakin' triangles are making my head spin! Is it to much to ask to go back to Kairos? Or Florida? Okay, I'm gonna make my mac and cheese and then it's off to dance! Au revoir, loves!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dance, dance! We're falling apart into halftime!

Woo! It felt soooooo incredibly amazing to finally be back at dance tonight. I feel just like Ms. L does about not being able to run. It's like you're missing a whole part of you! Anyway, I'm a bit ticked off though because I called my doctor when I got home today for this stupid spider bite on my foot. It has become so swollen that I can barely stand putting my shoes on. So, I have to go to the emergency room tomorrow after school to have it checked out. Ugh! Anyway, I'm quite busy here tonight. Right after I do my hair, I have to go right back to finishing my English paper. I'm done with school so you can imagine how it feels to force myself to actually pay attention to this thing. Okay, I shouldn't waste anymore time because I still haven't caught up on the sleep I missed during Kairos. A demain, loves!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Doubt the first. Cry the second. Love the third. Live the fourth.

Oh. My. Gosh. My trip this weekend was AMAZING!!! I am so glad that two of my besties talked me into going. I would have killed myself if I missed the opportunity. I have marked Kairos down as the second best experience of my life (I think you all know what the first was!) The biggest thing that I took away from it is that a person is not always what they seem on the outside (I think you know who I'm talking about. Love you!) I seriously did not want to go home on Sunday. That place was the most accepting environment that I've ever been in. I was a bit skeptical when everyone told me that I would cry my eyes out. I did. I cried so much that by Sunday, I had no tears left. It felt so good to release all of this bad energy that I've had bottled up inside of me for so long. I also have a whole other family behind me now. I know that I can always go to them for anything. They made me feel beautiful, accepted, strong, and confident. I love them so much. I'm not allowed to tell what exactly happened on the trip, but I can tell you that it was unbelievable. Kairos seriously lived up to my expectations. If could do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat. I heart LVIII.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A walk of art!

The fashion show today was AMAZING!!! Oh, my gosh! They did such a great job on it! The clothes were gorgeous and the designs were so fun! They must be so relieved that they don't have to worry about it anymore! LOL! Okay, so tomorrow I'm leaving for Kairos after school. I am beyond nervous! I just hope I get a likable roommate. I'm finished packing and I really hope I didn't forget anything. This will be my last post until probably Sunday night after I get back. Boo! I will have no way to contact anyone because I'm not allowed to use my cell phone! I can't even twitter, which is gonna drive me INSANE because I won't know what my boys are up to and if they're doing alright! I'm so nervous! Okay, enjoy the lovely weekend and I will tell everyone all about Kairos when I get back. A bientot!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This video made me crack up! This girl is interviewing the guys and she is stuck in 2006. All of her questions are about AFYCSO and not one is about Pretty.Odd.! What in the world! Poor Jon looks bored out of his mind! I adored how they started messing with her! LOL! Just thought I should share it with you guys!

Dance deprivation.

Okay, dance has been cancelled tonight because I was the only one that showed up! Bummer! This sucks because I'm not going to be able to go to dance tomorrow night either because of my friend's fashion show! I haven't been able to dance in TWO WEEKS!!! Ahhhh! Hopefully next week will come quickly! Okay, I've finished my reflection paper. I'm done with work for tonight and am about to hop in the shower. Nighty-night, loves!

All work and no play...

makes my life really, really boring! I've been doing homework nonstop since I got home today! Ugh! It was my first day back, and it was just as hectic as I thought it was going to be. Did I mention that I hate school? Yeah. I can't wait till Thursday though! We had a meeting regarding Kairos today, and me and Taylor are soooo excited! We are very nervous about who we'll be rooming with though! Oh, well! I'll keep y'all posted! Anyway, I'm ordering a T-shirt and some really cute sweatpants from the FIT website as we speak and I cannot wait to get them! We have a little tradition at my school where the seniors are allowed to wear their college shirt or sweatshirt one day! Yay! Anyway, it's back to work with me! LOL! Au revoir, loves!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today took a lot out of me. I had to go to Philly today for my transfusions because I can't go on Friday. Now, I kinda regret not doing it last Friday. I have huge bags under my eyes and I feel very weak and sluggish. I can't believe I have to go to school tomorrow. Boo! Anyway, I didn't smile all this morning because of the gray sky, and the rain, and the trip to the hospital. Until I read Brenny's twitter. He always knows when I need to smile and how he can make me smile. You guys should read his rendition of the Frosted Flakes jingle. It's so funny! Okay, well, I'm gonna go get in the shower and try to get to bed early for a change. Au revoir, loves.

P.S.~ Way to go, Ry.

P.P.S.~ Today is possibly the DUMBEST holiday ever. No, scratch that. IT IS!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I'm being really bad. I am trying to avoid my paper at all costs by watching Panic videos on Youtube. Concentrate...concentrate...concentrate...but it's such a GORGEOUS day outside! Grr. I hate school!

I wish I was still asleep because I didn't want that amazing dream to end.

Oh. My. Jon. I had possibly the BEST dream of my entire life last night. I was in some field where some kind of carnival or something was going on. All of a sudden, I heard Brendon's voice singing in the distance. So, I naturally ran towards it was them! Yay! But, I got there too late and they were finished with their set. Boo! So, anyway, this girl that I met by the stage and I became friends and decided to look for the guys. Well, there was apparently a mall in this field too (don't dreams take place in the weirdest locations). So, we're walking in the mall and...the boys are sitting outside of like a McDonalds or something. Ahhh! So, they see me walking toward them and...they remember me from Florida! Ahhh! So, then it's a bit blurry after that. But, then it picks up again and we're watching TV together (don't ask me where my friend went). And then some pretty unexpected stuff happens: Jon falls in love with me...Zack tries to steal my phone...and then I wake up. Bummer, I know. Hopefully, it will continue one day! Anyway, back to the real world. I finally tried the Cheesecake Factory and it was delish! Me and Meesh split a chocolate peanut butter cup cheesecake...out of this world! We also went shopping and I exchanged some Christmas gifts (really late, I know!) and I got this really cute bright yellow hoodie from VS Pink for my trip this weekend. Okay, that's really all that went down. I have to (unfortunately) work on my research paper because spring break is officially over. Boo! A demain, loves!

Friday, April 17, 2009

A lifestyle choice.

Wow, I feel like I haven't updated in, like, five years! So much has happened this week! Okay, biggest news: I have become a pescetarian. I watched two PETA videos, and they made me realize just how awful cows, pigs, and chickens are treated when they are about to be slaughtered for our own selfish enjoyment. It's disgusting and it must be stopped. Okay, on a lighter note, they finally installed our shower doors! Yay! But, I can't take a shower till tomorrow morning. Boo! My boys are back in L.A. and I am SOOOOOO happy and relieved! From all the photos and videos I've seen from their shows in South Africa, it seemed like they had an awesome time! So, what else...oh, yeah! Kelts' new tattoo! She couldn't have gotten a better saying: "Fearless." It totally describes her! I did some awesome shopping this week also! Betsey bracelet...Juicy shorts...American Apparel romper (It is so adorable!) Anyway, I cannot believe that spring break is almost over and I have to go back on Tuesday! Ugh! I'm a little nervous for Kairos this weekend too! I don't know what to expect, I don't know what to say, I don't know who I'll be rooming with, and I'm just freaking out! At least my Tay-Tay will be with me. Okay, well that's all that basically happened during this crazy week! I will try my darndest to update tomorrow! Ta-ta, my lovelies!

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's so nice to not have to get up early...especially on a Monday.

Sleeping in this morning was amazing. I had the weirdest dream that included spiders, Detroit, and Taco Bell. My dreams are always so bizarre. Anyway, as soon as I got up, I was craving Taco Bell's nachos. I just had some and they were delish. So, I'm sleeping over my grandma's tonight (just like old times!) and we're probably going to Freehold Mall tomorrow. I'm watching Family Guy right now and it is sooooo funny (as always)! Oh, and I finally watched "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" today on Youtube and it is such a sad movie. I highly recommend that everyone see it. Okay, well that's pretty much all that happened today. Au revoir, loves!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do-do-do-do-do you say it's your birthday?! Do-do-do-do-do-do it's my birthday, too!

Happy birthday (again!) Brendon and happy Easter to everyone! I just got out of church a while ago and now we're waiting to go to Roman Hall for dinner. I also hid some eggs so my little cousins can find them later. And, I cannot wait to dye eggs! It's my favorite part of Easter! Okay, well, I hope everyone has a great Easter and I hope that you are having a great time in Africa on your birthday, love! Au revoir!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The big 22nd!!!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Brendon
Happy birthday to you!

Have a great birthday, Brendon! Make it your best ever! Love you! Mwah!

Is it possible to die of boredom?

I have no idea what to do! I am so bored! It's a very rainy day and it just makes you so lethargic! I'm just staying in today, and I need to find something to do. I really don't feel like working on projects, so I guess I'll just read Elle like I always do. Okay, that's pretty much it for today. Au revoir!

P.S.~ Tomorrow is the big day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Where the shock sets in and the stomach acid finds a new way to make you get sick"

So, I have to say. It came as a total shockaroo for me when my best guy friend asked another girl to prom! I swear, when he told me that last night, I was totally taken aback! I admit that I am a bit disappointed, but I am happy for him. I think that it would be a lot more fun to go as a group rather than a date. Less probs that way. On another not, today was the big trip to NYC! And, luckily, the rain didn't really happen. I got a gorgeous gray Juicy tracksuit that I cannot wait to wear! Okay, well, I'm on my way home now, so expect more tomorrow! Au revoir!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summer come early!

Yay! Today starts my spring break! And what could be a better way to celebrate than with a trip to the beach?! That's right! Me and Meesh listened to our impulsive sides and hauled it off to Seaside Heights! It was super cold, but really fun! We got sand between our toes and wasted our money on rigged arcade games! Woo! Anyway, were on our way home now because we have to get some beauty sleep for our big trip to NYC tomorrow (or King of Prussia, weather pending)! Okay, talk to everyone on Saturday! A bientot!

PS: One day till a certain someone turns 22!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OMJ...I can finally take a sigh of relief!

They have finally Twittered! Which means, they've made it all the way to South Africa safely! Yay! Ugh! I feel like a huge weight has just been lifted. Okay, well, tomorrow is the last day until spring break so I cannot wait! It's only a half day so it should go by quickly. I can't wait till Friday! The rain better hold off to because I want a nice, WARM sunny day for NYC shopping! Of course, we always have King of Prussia as a back-up, but nothing measures up to New York. Okay, well, I'm gonna go force myself to do that English outline right now and I have to study for a Hamlet test so that's why I wrote this blog so early so nothing will be distracting me. Oh, get real! Everything distracts me! Okay, well, a demain my darlings!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I can barely keep my eyes open!

Last night was a disaster! I went to bed at ten which is really early for me and I thought I would be getting a nice, long sleep. WRONG! This stupid throbbing injection site on my stomach was killing me all night and I must have got...two minutes of sleep, if any! I'm never putting it there again! Anyway, I'm amazed that I survived school today along with my math quiz. I just wanna snuggle up in my bed and sleep until Friday, but I can't because I have to write a stupid outline for my English paper. And, I can't miss dance again tonight. Okay, my ranting is over. Back to more important matters. My boys are in South Africa and I wish I was there with them! I probably would have KILLED myself on the way there though. Get this: they had to take a 10 HOUR flight to London, a 5 HOUR layover, and an 11 HOUR flight to Johannesburg, South Africa! No wonder Brenny looks so tired in this picture:

And yet, he still manages to look amazing! Okay, well I better get started on my homework. Au revoir, loves!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I breath...

okay...I'm good! I just had a mini-freakout because Twitter was UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Okay, it's back on now, and I'm all good!

P.S.~ Three more days till NYC!

P.P.S.~ Have a safe (and comfy!) flight to South Africa, guys! I love you!

My heart literally dropped...

when I read Keltie's latest blog. It's so sad. I'm still in shock that he had it in him to do that to her. Okay, on a lighter note, my pre-calc midterm is finally over! Yay! But, I can't totally relax until I get my grade back. Fingers crossed! And, I have ANOTHER pre-calc quiz tomorrow! Ugh! All my classes are packing it in before spring break! Two and a half more days! Just two and a half more days! Anyway, I'm gonna go dry off because I just got out of the shower and I have some homework to do. A bientot, my loves!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Someone else has finally caught the Twitterbug!

It's Mr. Jon Walker! Yes! Now all four of my boys have twitters! Reading all their random updates always makes me smile! Anyway, today is kind of a boring and uneventful Sunday. I just got out of the shower, and after I do my hair, I have to study for my stupid pre-calc midterm tomorrow! Ugh! Just 4 more days until spring break and NYC! It can't come fast enough! Au revoir my loves!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I have a new best friend!

Her name is Ms. Diane von Furstenberg! Perhaps you have heard of her! I love her wrap dresses. I must find her store in NYC! Anyway, yesterday was good. Meesh makes going to CHOP so much more enjoyable. We went to Pizza Hut last night, which I haven't been to in such a long time, and it was delish. What's not so good is that my Daddy hurt his back pretty badly. Feel better! So, I'm staying in tonight to do my homework (which I really don't want to do) and to study for my stupid pre-calc midterm. Gag me! I can't wait until this Thursday when I'm finally out of school for spring break! And, on Friday, NEW YORK HERE I COME!!! Okay, I better go get started. Au revoir, my darlings.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I adore getting my hair did!

So, I'm in one of my most fave places right now: my hair salon! I just got my hair dyed a warmer cinnamony brown, and it is just gorgeous! Ms. C is a very talented woman! Anyway, today was okay. I'm done with school for this week which is good and next week is spring break! NYC baby! I watched perhaps one of the most beautiful but sad movies ever today. It's called "Life is Beautiful" and I highly recommend it. It's an Italian film and it's about a Jewish man and his son that are taken into one of the Nazi death camps. I had to hold back tears. Anyway, I'm about to leave right now to pick up Meesh and commence our sleepover tonight! A bientot my lovelies!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Lunch today with my momma and Meesh was awesome! So many hilarious things were said that I laughed so hard and soda went up my nose! Ouch! Anyway, I'm working on my thesis for my English research paper, and it's going pretty well. At least I have a topic that I'm really interested in so I can actually get it done. I'm going to dance soon and tonight I can finally order my hoodie because it's my last year at my studio! Boo! I can't believe how fast three years has gone. By the way, did you guys happen to be watching Leno last night and see what Fall Out Boy's "surprise" was? It was Brenny! He came out of nowhere and sang "America's Suitehearts" with them. It was an awesome performance! Okay, well I must get back to work. Ta-ta, my loves!

P.S.~ Don't bother asking "Cha-Cha" any of your questions. I asked them two today, and they were wrong! Boo, Cha-Cha!