Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An empty feeling.

So, just as I suspected, all of my classes today were totally empty! There were exactly 137 seniors absent today after our big prom weekend! It felt so weird being there, and I knew I should have taken off. Although, I did not fall behind in math which is a good thing because we learned something totally new. Also, all my English work is done because I was in today. So, I guess those two things are my silver lining. However, I was EXHAUSTED today, and I found it really hard to stay awake. Oh well, tomorrow should be better because another one of my friends is having a fashion show for her senior project! And, I have Friday off! Yay! Well, I'm about to leave for my LAST NIGHT OF DANCE CLASS EVER! I know, it's so sad! Au revoir, loves!

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