Sunday, May 3, 2009

"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day..."

Well, not really. It is such a gloomy day over here and it just brings me down so much! To top it all off, I have SO much work to do today, and I haven't really started. I can't wait for school to finally be over. Anyway, yesterday was my little cousin's communion, and it was surprisingly really fun. The priest asked all the little kids these questions that I didn't even know the answers to! LOL! I also bought some new bright blue Havaianas yesterday, and they are just too adorable! I also saw a gorgeous DVF wrap dress that I'm keeping my eye on for after graduation! LOL! OH! And...I went into a new consignment shop in Princeton yesterday, and it was just sooooo weird! I mean, you have clothes that your grandmother would wear but also there are some awesome finds, like a Catherine Malandrino dress or an Armani top! Pretty. Odd. Okay, well I better go start that stupid homework before it gets too late. I don't see why though considering everyone else I know has pretty much given up with school! LOL! A bientot!

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