Monday, May 25, 2009

"I want somethin' else, not listening when you say...goodbye!"

Ladies and gentlemen, our Prom '09 song! I had the most amazing time last night! Everything from getting all dolled up, to the ride to the aquarium, to prom itself, to post prom was unbelieveable! I got a lot of gorgeous pics, and everyone looked great! I got to dance with one of my very funny and crazy Kairos buddies (sorry Meesh, no picture!) and I got a comment from another very sweet Kairos buddy that instantly made me feel fabulous! So, after prom was over, it was back to school for a fun-packed night! Omigod, there was everything there! I got tattoos, I kicked my best friend's butt in moonbounce boxing, I won tons of stuff, and I proved to myself that it was soooo much more fun without being tied down to a date (Told you, Ant!) Anyway, I'm exhausted right now, and I think I'm gonna take a little nap. Au revoir, loves!

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