Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I AM FINALLY FINISHED WITH MY POINTILLISM PAINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omigod, it just feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Anyway, what till y'all hear about my very hectic day. Let's start from the beginning. I really didn't sleep well at all last night, which meant that I really couldn't get up this morning. However, I somehow forced myself to get out of bed and get ready for school. So, I'm on my usual route and I almost get to the Lawrenceville exit, when I see that it's closed for some strange reason! Okay, so Whitehead Road was my next option, but it's such a pain in the derriere to make a left there and it was all backed up. So, down Route 1 I continue to go until I get to Mrs. G's. Little did I know, you weren't allowed to make a U-turn there anymore, so it's into the loooooooooong line of traffic for us! So, after a few minutes, I finally get to school and I'm like 10 minutes late. No biggie. So, I get to English class and there's a note on my desk from the office. I'm thinking all these horrible things, but, come to find out, my two fashionable friends have asked me to be a judge on their senior project panel tomorrow! I'm so excited! But, that was my only good news today. When my mom came to pick me up after school, I find out that she was rear-ended at the Brunswick Circle which left a HUGE dent on the bumper! At least we don't have to pay for it! Anyway, after that whole fiasco, I had a second fitting for my prom dress, and it has turned out just beautifully. The tailor just has to press it, and it will be parfait! Okay, well, that was my obnoxiously hectic day. I hope all of yours went much, much better! Okay, I have to go study for a trig test now. Yay! Not! Au revoir, loves!

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