Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've finally caught the Twitterbug!

Yes! It's true! I was bored last night, so I decided to make a Twitter! I absolutely adore it! I love all the randomness! LOL! Anyway, this is going to be a FANTABULOUS Tuesday night because Brendon and Spencer are going to be on Leno tonight with Fall Out Boy! I can't wait! You should all definitely watch it! I had Taco Bell yet again today! I know, I know! I'm going to turn into a taco but I can't help it! It is so delish! Anyway, I'm going to go finish my homework now because I've got a long night ahead of me: first dance class and then half of my boys are on TV! Toodles!

Monday, March 30, 2009

It seemed like only yesterday...

I cannot believe that it has been two months since I saw my boys. I feel like I was just chatting with them about sunglasses and Olive Garden yesterday! I miss them! Anyways, I'm glad Monday's over. My arms were KILLING me all day and I couldn't really concentrate. Hopefully I do good on my Macbeth test tomorrow. Fingers crossed! The highlight of my day was when me and my momma took a little stroll around Princeton after school! It's so much fun to window shop! Okay, well, I'm gonna go to bed now since I didn't get such a good night's sleep last night. Toodles!

P.S.~ NYC in two weeks! I can't wait!

P.P.S~ Sex and the City started showing on HBO this weekend and I've already watched it a bunch of times! Such a great movie! I highly recommend it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

No one needs a man to complete them.

Hang in there, darling. Just remember that that cover was for YOU and YOU ONLY. Even if they didn't mention him on it, it still would have sold just as many as it already has. You are amazing, beautiful, kind, talented,and a fantastic dancer. No one can take that away from you. Keep your head held high, throw on your awesome Louboutins, grab your Chanel, and hit the town with your friends (no boys allowed!) I know it feels awful, but you will have a day where you don't even think about him once. I promise.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's my angel's birthday!

No, I'm not talking about Mr. Urie! I'm talking about my adorable kitty Mr. Ginger! He is nine years old today! What an old man! LOL! He's still sleeping so I haven't gotten a chance to make him his special cupcake yet or give him his present! Well, that's all that's really going on today. I have to hop in the shower right now because we have to make my grandparents dinner. A bientot, my loves!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chivalry is not dead!

So, the sweetest thing happened during second period today. This guy in my class went to ask his girlfriend to the prom with a dozen roses! He reenacted it for my class and it was so adorable how he planned it all out! I wish MY best guy friend would get his butt moving and ask me already! LOL! Anyway, today was pretty good. My photo montage is coming out great! My brilliant art teacher gave me some great pointers today, and I really like how it's starting to look. We were assigned a project in religion class today, and this one seems pretty interesting. We have to study an aspect of the Holocaust that pertains to our college majors. So, I'm gonna throw my idea out to you guys. Bear with me on this. I'm not trying to be grim, but I was going to research what the prisoners wore and what the Nazi soldiers wore. I was then thinking that I could do two collages: one would be on the "fashion" of the concentration camps, and the other could be on current trends that sort of resemble the "fashion" of the Holocaust. I was just scouring my latest Elle magazine, and there are TONS of styles in right now that relate to this subject, such as bondage dresses, horizontal stripes, and even bone patterns! I cannot wait to start! One last thing before I hop in the shower. We have finally finished the choreography for our 60s dance, and it is awesome! It is by far my most favorite dance that I've ever done! Okay, must be going now! A bientot, my darlings!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fur? I'd rather go naked!

I totally honor Ms. Khloe Kardashian. Her decision to appear in a PETA ad that denounces wearing fur makes her a very noble person. These ads do a great job at making people aware of the horror and brutality that comes with that "beautiful" stole that they just bought. Way to go, Khloe! Anyway, that was my little announcement for today. I'm on my way to dance to work on my 60s dance! Au revoir loves!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just dance.

I had a surprise waiting for me after school today! My momma got me Keltie's Dance Spirit mag while running her errands today! The article is both amazing and depressing. It's amazing because Keltie tells of how hard she had to work to get where she is today, but it's also depressing because she mentions the first time she met Ryan and how great their relationship is (mind you, this was printed before their messy breakup). They also have quotes from Ryan saying how when he first met Kelts while she was rehearsing for their dance number at the 2006 VMAs, she was the only dancer that he could see. Aw, you guys have to read it! It's so sweet! Anyways, I went back to dance class tonight, and it was great as usual! We're almost done choreographing our 40s dance, and it is just beautiful. Okay, well, I have to go and finish the TON of math homework that I have tonight, and then it's off to bed with me! A bientot, loves!

~"Maybe it was her smile."~ Ryan Ross

Monday, March 23, 2009

Shakespeare is going to be the death of me!

I swear, this guy cannot say a simple sentence in less than 10 lines! I went back to school today, and, just as I thought, I am WAY behind in English and pre-calc. I missed about half of "Macbeth" in English class, and now I have to read it on my own. All I can say is, "Thank God for Sparknotes!" Pre-calc isn't as bad. I did most of it today and I can finish it tomorrow. So, that's all that really happened today. I'm gonna go back to killing myself with Shakespeare.

P.S.~ Sorry Meesh! I was blow-drying my hair and didn't hear the phone! I'll call you in 20 minutes when I'm done straightening my hair! Love ya!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

If I eat anymore Taco Bell, I swear I'm gonna turn into a Crunchwrap Supreme!

So, I'm just sitting here today BORED OUT OF MY MIND! I'm waiting for my parents to come back from Princeton with some delish nachos for me. I wish I was able to go out today because it's lovely outside, but I still don't feel up to it. I am forcing myself to go to school tomorrow though because I can't afford to miss another day. Anyway, yesterday was pretty fun here all by myself. I had a little spa day and gave myself a mani-pedi! I also watched "The House Bunny" and "Pretty in Pink"! My parents even brought me home a care package from my fave diner, Mastoris! It was yum! Okay, I'm gonna go back to watching "Dude, Where's my Car?" because it just makes me laugh so much! Oh! I almost forgot! New Desperate Housewives tonight! Someone is supposed to get killed! I can't wait! A bientot, my lovelies!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I love staying in.

So, I've decided to stay in all this weekend and catch up on some much needed rest. I might paint my nails and toes while I'm sitting here. I also have to do some homework. Boo! Anyways, I'm gonna go back to my couch and read some more of Elle and maybe have a chick flick marathon with some Panic at the Disco mixed in! Sounds like my kinda night! A demain, loves!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Even when they're not even doing it, those boys always cheer me up!

I came home last night, and there was a lovely present waiting for me. My "Hey Moon" sticker! It is so adorable! I cannot wait to put it on my car! Anyway, I'm just laying here on my couch watching old Desperate Housewives episodes and waiting for my momma to come home with some delish Taco Bell! Don't judge me! You're allowed to eat meat on Fridays during Lent if you're sick and weak and need protein! Okay, more later!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm free.

I'm leaving right now to go back to my own comfy bed. I am extremely tired and drained and I really need a good night's sleep. So, I'll be home all day tomorrow...sleeping. Okay, until later!

P.S.~ Meesh, you can call me tomorrow late afternoon cause I'll probably be sleeping all day. Love ya!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There's a train outside my window. I wish I was on it to New York.

So, I'm coming at you guys from my hospital room tonight. Not so fun. I have some sort of virus, and the doctor's are trying to figure out what it is. At least I have Brenny's "Open Happiness" song to make me smile a bit. Okay, that's all I can really write right now because it's kinda hard to type with an IV in your hand. Au revoir loves!

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Open up, open up, open happiness!"

Yay! The "Open Happiness" single is FINALLY available on I-Tunes! I love my Brenny's voice in this song. It's just so bubbly, and fun, and amazing! Anyway, today was good. It's the first day of Spirit Week! Everyone put your cheerleader faces on! (Gag me!) We were able to be out of uniform today which was very fun because I got to wear my new comfy sweater! We also chose Mr. Notre Dame today, and it was no surprise who won. Mr. I'm-God's-gift-to-women-and-all-the-girls-want-to-get-with-me. (Gag me again!) In other news, me and my bff are doing a little purse switcharoo for a while! He gets my Coach and I get his Gucci! Win-win! Anyway, I made-up my pre-calc test today after school, and my head was throbbing! Fingers crossed that I passed! Okay, that's all for today my darlings! I have to go study for TWO MORE TESTS! (Gag me a thrid time!) Au revoir!

P.S.~ I am so happy that Ry-Ry is finally back to being the sweetie pie that he always was! Let's hope him and Kelts stay cool beans!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm finally done!

So, I just finished my mandala about an hour ago and I am so glad! It took me FOREVER! In other news, yesterday was the St. Patrick's Day parade, and, as usual, there were some pretty colorful characters! LOL! I bought my gorgeous gray sweater yesterday and my bangin' purple nail polish! I can't wait to do my nails this week (if I get a chance!). I'm going over to my grandma's tonight to have dinner, but I also have to finish my pre-calc homework while I'm there. Boo! This means I probably won't have time to act like a goof with my little cousins. Anyway, new Desperate Housewives tonight! Yay! But, back to school tomorrow. Boo! I better be getting in the shower now, loves! A bientot!

P.S.~ I'm not even gonna talk about poor Kelts' latest blog because it just makes me even madder at Mr. Ross for acting like a total DB! Sorry! I know I promised to stop bashing him, but he could have AT LEAST talked to her over the phone. Feel better, Keltie! I know that IVs HURT LIKE HELL, but you will get better because you're super strong! Love ya!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Hey moon, please forget to fall down. Hey moon, don't you go down"

I am just about to order my "Hey Moon" bumper sticker and I can't wait to get it! So, today was pretty good. I got to work a lot on my photo montage and it's going really well! It looks so surreal and interesting. I love it! I babysat my girls again today, and they were a lot of fun, as usual! No school tomorrow for me! The only bad thing is that I'll be missing two tests that I'll have to make up. Grrr! Oh well, at least I'm going shopping this weekend! Can't wait! Must go order my gorgeous sticker now! Au revoir, loves!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a workout!

Just got back from dance. We added more steps to our 60's dance, and it is such great cardio! I love all the jumps and turns and pas de chats! I cannot wait for the recital. It felt so good to be back at dance because it really is a great pick-me-up. I officially have my prom dress, and it is still as gorgeous as I remembered it to be! I made my makeup appointment at MAC, and the guy that wants to do my makeup made me laugh so much! We'll see what happens! I can't wait for this tomorrow to be over because I don't have to go to school on Friday! Yay! I really have to work on my mandala though because I want to get it done by Monday. So, this weekend I'm thinking of spending my hard-earned babysitting money on this adorable sweater I saw and this bangin' plum purple nail polish! I also FINALLY found the "Hey Moon" bumper sticker on the Fueled by Ramen webstore, and I cannot wait to order it tomorrow! It will look so cute on the Jetta! Woo! Well, I must be getting in the shower now and getting to bed. A bientot, loves!

Monday, March 9, 2009

This time change sucks!

I hate when I wake up and it still looks like it's the middle of the night! I hate Daylight Savings Time! Anyways, today was pretty uneventful. I couldn't pick up my dress yet because the painters were still here, but no biggie! The woman at the dress shop said I could pick it up on Wednesday. I don't have that much homework tonight, which is a good thing. So, perhaps I'll call Ant cause I haven't talked to him in, like, forever. Anyway, I'm gonna go work on my painting now. Au revoir, loves!

P.S. Ryan, that YouTube video about Microsoft that you sent me to was really creepy. LOL!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prom Dress: Check! Great shoes: Check! Date: ...

So, this has been quite an amazing weekend. I found both my graduation dress and my prom dress! I am so happy that I got it over with so quickly! I absolutely love my prom dress. It's bright yellow with a silver ribbon around my waist and the shoes that go with it are positively gorgeous! My graduation dress is pretty cute too. It's white with big polka dots! Anyway, I'm not so sure about my date for prom. Everyone thinks that me and one of my best guy friends should go together. But, I don't know if he'll ask and I'm not so comfortable asking him! Oh, well! We'll see what happens. Anyways, here's a picture of my dress. Hope ya'll like it!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sometimes I wish I was back in second grade.

I would love to be as carefree and happy as my little cousin. She is so much fun to be around when I'm feeling not so good. I babysat two of my girls tonight and it was a blast as usual. The older one is so smart. She's going to be in a spelling bee on Saturday, and I was quizzing her on these words that I don't even know! School was okay today. I did much better on an English quiz than I thought I did and my pre-calc quiz was pretty easy, too. Oh, and I finally decided what to do my essay on last night. We had to choose either a hero or a villain and I chose Ms. Edie Britt from Desperate Housewives! Genius! My English teacher loved it! (Well, after he stopped laughing at me!) So, I have to get going right now to type the good copy. I'm so glad I only have one more day to go until the weekend! Toodles!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my beautiful grandmother! Love you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I have to try and see the silver lining in this.

I want you to be blissfully happy. That's all I ever want to see. If you're happy with her, then I suppose I am too. It'll just be hard for me to accept this. If she ends up hurting you like the other whores before her, I will be devastated enough for the both of us. So, just be careful. Don't give her all of your heart just yet. Give it time. If you see that she truly loves you for you (who wouldn't?)then congratulations. You have finally found someone who appreciates all your kindness and love.

Today was a little better than yesterday. I found the energy to haul it off to school, and I'm kinda glad I did. There have been a lot of things that happened today that took my mind off my pain for a little while.
*I was able to work on my painting
*I meditated (which I found to be very relaxing)
*I was reminded how much my besties care about me (Love you guys!)
*My English teacher always makes me laugh
*My TB shot (although that kinda hurt, too!)
*Taco Bell!
I'm slowly starting to get better, but I still can't bring myself to go to dance. I really want to because we are still learning our recital dance, but I just don't feel up to it this week. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue next week. I think what I really need to get myself back on track is a night out with my girls to see "Shopaholic" and to drown our sorrows in a melted brownie sundae at Uno's! Yum!

I still love him. That will never change. It just hurts to see him with someone else. But, I truly do wish him all the happiness in the world! Love you!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I just don't see the point anymore.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not a very fun snow day...

So, yeah, I was off from school today, but I spent it all on the couch reading Elle magazine. Not very fun. I have a mixture of physical sickness and emotional sickness. I do not recommend having either.
P.S.~ Thanks for the cold, Meesh! JK! JK! I <3>