Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prom Dress: Check! Great shoes: Check! Date: ...

So, this has been quite an amazing weekend. I found both my graduation dress and my prom dress! I am so happy that I got it over with so quickly! I absolutely love my prom dress. It's bright yellow with a silver ribbon around my waist and the shoes that go with it are positively gorgeous! My graduation dress is pretty cute too. It's white with big polka dots! Anyway, I'm not so sure about my date for prom. Everyone thinks that me and one of my best guy friends should go together. But, I don't know if he'll ask and I'm not so comfortable asking him! Oh, well! We'll see what happens. Anyways, here's a picture of my dress. Hope ya'll like it!

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  1. JUST ASK HIM! u no if i dont make you alex will! i told you maybe if you ask him maybe it will make him turn around and ask you. hes old fashioned like that so i bet he i think hes mom will make him anyway!!!