Monday, March 16, 2009

"Open up, open up, open happiness!"

Yay! The "Open Happiness" single is FINALLY available on I-Tunes! I love my Brenny's voice in this song. It's just so bubbly, and fun, and amazing! Anyway, today was good. It's the first day of Spirit Week! Everyone put your cheerleader faces on! (Gag me!) We were able to be out of uniform today which was very fun because I got to wear my new comfy sweater! We also chose Mr. Notre Dame today, and it was no surprise who won. Mr. I'm-God's-gift-to-women-and-all-the-girls-want-to-get-with-me. (Gag me again!) In other news, me and my bff are doing a little purse switcharoo for a while! He gets my Coach and I get his Gucci! Win-win! Anyway, I made-up my pre-calc test today after school, and my head was throbbing! Fingers crossed that I passed! Okay, that's all for today my darlings! I have to go study for TWO MORE TESTS! (Gag me a thrid time!) Au revoir!

P.S.~ I am so happy that Ry-Ry is finally back to being the sweetie pie that he always was! Let's hope him and Kelts stay cool beans!

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  1. were no longer on speaking terms..dont call me i will not pick up!