Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm finally done!

So, I just finished my mandala about an hour ago and I am so glad! It took me FOREVER! In other news, yesterday was the St. Patrick's Day parade, and, as usual, there were some pretty colorful characters! LOL! I bought my gorgeous gray sweater yesterday and my bangin' purple nail polish! I can't wait to do my nails this week (if I get a chance!). I'm going over to my grandma's tonight to have dinner, but I also have to finish my pre-calc homework while I'm there. Boo! This means I probably won't have time to act like a goof with my little cousins. Anyway, new Desperate Housewives tonight! Yay! But, back to school tomorrow. Boo! I better be getting in the shower now, loves! A bientot!

P.S.~ I'm not even gonna talk about poor Kelts' latest blog because it just makes me even madder at Mr. Ross for acting like a total DB! Sorry! I know I promised to stop bashing him, but he could have AT LEAST talked to her over the phone. Feel better, Keltie! I know that IVs HURT LIKE HELL, but you will get better because you're super strong! Love ya!

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