Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chivalry is not dead!

So, the sweetest thing happened during second period today. This guy in my class went to ask his girlfriend to the prom with a dozen roses! He reenacted it for my class and it was so adorable how he planned it all out! I wish MY best guy friend would get his butt moving and ask me already! LOL! Anyway, today was pretty good. My photo montage is coming out great! My brilliant art teacher gave me some great pointers today, and I really like how it's starting to look. We were assigned a project in religion class today, and this one seems pretty interesting. We have to study an aspect of the Holocaust that pertains to our college majors. So, I'm gonna throw my idea out to you guys. Bear with me on this. I'm not trying to be grim, but I was going to research what the prisoners wore and what the Nazi soldiers wore. I was then thinking that I could do two collages: one would be on the "fashion" of the concentration camps, and the other could be on current trends that sort of resemble the "fashion" of the Holocaust. I was just scouring my latest Elle magazine, and there are TONS of styles in right now that relate to this subject, such as bondage dresses, horizontal stripes, and even bone patterns! I cannot wait to start! One last thing before I hop in the shower. We have finally finished the choreography for our 60s dance, and it is awesome! It is by far my most favorite dance that I've ever done! Okay, must be going now! A bientot, my darlings!

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  1. ur so strange...aww ant...just ask him already he wont ask you hes to shy....and about it being ur fav dance..hello uve only done 4 just had to pick on you