Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I can barely keep my eyes open!

Last night was a disaster! I went to bed at ten which is really early for me and I thought I would be getting a nice, long sleep. WRONG! This stupid throbbing injection site on my stomach was killing me all night and I must have got...two minutes of sleep, if any! I'm never putting it there again! Anyway, I'm amazed that I survived school today along with my math quiz. I just wanna snuggle up in my bed and sleep until Friday, but I can't because I have to write a stupid outline for my English paper. And, I can't miss dance again tonight. Okay, my ranting is over. Back to more important matters. My boys are in South Africa and I wish I was there with them! I probably would have KILLED myself on the way there though. Get this: they had to take a 10 HOUR flight to London, a 5 HOUR layover, and an 11 HOUR flight to Johannesburg, South Africa! No wonder Brenny looks so tired in this picture:

And yet, he still manages to look amazing! Okay, well I better get started on my homework. Au revoir, loves!

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  1. hes not tired....high times at the W...or i guess now i can say high times at the airport....umm...thursday we're going to the outlets ween u get out of school k? k.