Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crazy little month called May!

So, tomorrow is May first! May has always been my busiest month. To prove to you how true this statement is, here are just A FEW things going on:
-Dance recital/rehearsals
-Field Trip Day
-Beach trip
-Communions up the wazoo!
-Mother's Day
Again, those were only some things going on in my life during this crazy month! Anyways, I am sick to death of hearing about this stupid swine flu! Just shut up about that already! There's other news going on in the world besides that! Ugh! Anyway, I got some tutoring help from Mr. Genius today after school for my math project, and I am so glad. I had no idea where to even start and he finished it in like five minutes! God, I wish I knew math. Also, I just found out today that I am addicted to the cornbread from Boston Market! It is soooo good! Okay, I'm gonna go do my hair and go to bed now because I am super exhausted! Nails with mom tomorrow after school! Yay! A bientot, loves!

P.S.~ My foot has gotten smaller, so the pills must be working. Yay!

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