Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long"

After a very good sleep last night, I've finally come to a decision. Maybe this is for the best. Maybe being apart will make their music even more amazing than it already is. The only thing that I'm certain of is that I will love each of them forever.

Brendon- the life of the band. I love your never-ending energy and your gorgeous voice. No matter how down I feel or what kind of situation I'm in, you never fail to make me smile. Your love for animals, your loud and obnoxious (in a good way!) nature, and your love of Olive Garden's breadsticks are just a few of the things I love about you. You'll be fine. And remember, don't let anyone steal your animal crackers!

Jon- the eclectic sweetheart. Mr. Walker, let me use one word to describe you: AMAZING. Your loving and caring nature never ceases to amaze me. I love all your random tweets and how your home is crawling with three little creatures that I've grown to love. I'll never forget our love for the salad at Olive Garden and how we both live in states that hit below zero during the winter. I love you and always will. I'm sure you will accomplish great things. Tell Dylan, Clover, and Marley that they are always loved and that they have a great Daddy.

Spencer- the silent troublemaker. What can I say about Spencer? You are sweet, funny, loving, and a warrior on the drums! Although you didn't say much when we met, I could tell that you were the troublemaker in the band. And that's a good thing! I loved how you laughed at Jon for holding a conversation with my momma. That def made me laugh. I'm excited to see the amazing things that you and Brenny have in store for us. I'm sure you two will do great things together. And remember, keep Brendon in his place!

Ryan- the shy genius. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. Although you've had a very rocky year, remember that I still love you. I know that you are not to blame for this separation, so don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. You write the most beautiful lyrics that I've ever heard, and I'm sure that you and Jon will make amazing music together. I still remember how your eyes lit up when my momma told you that you look like a young Paul McCartney. You really do. And I know that you will accomplish great things just like he has. I love you so much. And, just think! Now Brenny won't be able to hog the microphone like he usually does! Sorry Brenny! Now everyone will be able to hear your beautiful voice.

It's been an amazing four and a half years. Throughout those years, I've collected many beautiful memories of those four amazing boys. A fever that no one could sweat out, a psychedelic Beatles-esque album, an amazing live CD from JWalk's hometown, a gorgeous bag signed by your talented little hands, a pair of sunglasses with tiny mementos on them, three amazing concerts that I am proud to say that I went to, a meet-and-greet that seemed to last only minutes but gave me a lifetime of memories, and a statement that says it all. I love you guys. Although you will be separated, I cannot wait to hear all the amazing music that will come out of it. Panic at the Disco will live on in my heart forever. And, I can't say this enough, I love you guys.


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