Monday, July 27, 2009

Everything was so pink and girly!

So, the bridal shower I went to on Saturday was so much fun. First of all, the country club where it was held was absolutely beautiful. The room we were in had a fantastic view of the golf course, the swimming pool, and so many gorgeous trees. The room was decorated with everything pink and girly and bridal-like! The food was fantastic and don't even get me started on the games! I had such a blast! I cannot wait to see what the wedding will be like. Anyways, yesterday I was going to go to the beach with Meesh and her friends but I was just so exhausted. I couldn't even get up Sunday morning until really late. Sorry, Meesh! I'll make it up to you! Ta-ta for now, loves.

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  1. we might go again sunday if i dont go to wildwood for the weekend! u better not chicken out on me again! i got off the 24th just so you no