Friday, June 19, 2009

"Talk to me, dance with me. You're the spotlight, girl!"

Just got back from a very full schedule today. I am totally exhausted. Those little pink Benadryl pills are stronger than they look! I was bombarded with college plan questions today, which made me feel a bit overwhelmed, but I guess that it's good that I have people who know what they're doing helping me figure out important stuff like that. Anyhoo, I was told that I need to find ways to stay active now that dance is over. So, I was thinking that I could take my uncle's adorable puppy for jogs around my development. I think that it would be sooooo much fun! As for college, all activities are free for the students, so I will probably join the dance team and take a weekly yoga class. Should be fun! Ta-ta for now, loves!

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