Monday, June 1, 2009

"It's just another manic Monday"

From the minute I stepped onto the front steps of my school this morning, I could just tell what kind of day I was going to have. And, boy, was I right. Some lady came bolting out of the door that I was standing in front of and almost knocked me out, and she barely apologized! Ugh! Next was math class. My quiz that I had to make up was good, but then I had to do 13 IMPOSSIBLE problems to study for the test tomorrow. I hate trig! Religion was fine, activity was fine, and art was fine. But, then we get to English class. I was out on Friday, which means that I missed a huge chunk of the movie that we're watching, so I hope to God that it's on youtube. I need to know that along with everything else on the Victorian Age for my test tomorrow. And, I cannot blow either of these tests because I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE ANY FINALS! God! It's my last week of my senior year. My uncle's right. I should feel like I'm floating down the Lazy River at Hurricane Harbor right now!

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