Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I may very well be living across the street from the next Columbine kid.

Okay, I was asked on a date tonight by this kid who lives across the street from me. And, you know, I naturally said no because one: I hardly know him and two: he's a lot younger than me. So, I tell him no in a nice way and then he goes on this long shpeel about how he wishes he could leave this world for a better place (please don't kill yourself!), how he wanted to blow up his old school because the kids were mean to him, and how he wants to kill me because I'm beautiful on this outside but ugly on the inside. Um, that is far from the truth. I don't have to go out with you if I don't want to. And, no wonder you've never had a girlfriend if you go around talking like that! You probably freak people out! You certainly freaked me out! Anyway, I'm gonna double bolt my door and windows tonight because now he's got me totally freaked out! At least someone was nice enough to come over and comfort me when I was literally shaking. Thanks, love!

Anyway, on a happier note! The sleepover with Mear-Bear on Sunday was sooooooo much fun! I got yet another person addicted to Legally Blonde! LOL! OMJ, we stayed up till four in the morning just catching up and having a blast! I heart her! Okay, more later, loves. If I'm still alive. I'm not even joking.

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