Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"And breath. Just breath."

Oh. My. God. What a day I've had. I don't think I stopped to catch my breath even once today. So, the day started out just like any other typical Wednesday. I got up, got ready, and went to English class. But, after that, I can't even explain it. See, my roommate's birthday is this Saturday, and her boyfriend is coming up tomorrow to surprise her. I know! Isn't that the most sweetest thing in the world? Anyway, so I've been talking to him, and we have it all planned out. I had to get an extended visitor's pass from residential life, which my roommate has to hand in on Friday. I have to sign her boyfriend into our building tomorrow and... SURPRISE! I can't wait to see her face! Anyways, so after that, I got lunch. Then, I had to study for a really intense business test which took me three hours! Ugh! I have never tried to fit so much useless information into my head before! So, I had the test at 5:10, and I'm crossing my fingers that I passed because it was really hard! Then, I had to meet my partner for our Christian Lacroix project, which is due tomorrow. I really like how it all turned out, though. The paper is excellent, and the powerpoint is so much fun to explain. And, now, I'm here. Phew! What a crazy-hectic day! I cannot wait to go home tomorrow and snuggle on the couch with my kitty eating Chinese food. Yum! Au revoir, loves!

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