Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank God for razors with built-in shaving cream!

So, today was super fun! After all my meetings were done, me and a couple of friends decided to hop a subway train (I'm starting to like those things!) to Fifth Avenue to do a little window shopping. After that, we went to dinner at a fun diner with aspiring Broadway actors and actresses as waiters and waitresses! They sing show tunes to you! It was a totally fun day! So, when I got back home, I, of course, felt dirty and disgusting so I hopped in the shower. All I have to say is I'm so glad I don't need shaving cream! Those showers are so small that you can hardly move in there! Okay, well, I'm totally exhausted, so I'm going to get ready to snuggle up in bed and catch up on some Elle! Au revoir, loves!

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