Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Start takin' the subway!"

So, how much fun was today? Tons! Once my meetings in the morning were done, I decided to do a little exploring of my own! So, I journeyed over to Macy's (in four-inch wedges, I might add) and did a little browsing. I didn't want to go too far because I had two other meetings to go to! So, after they were FINALLY finished, I went with my friends to the Brooklyn Bridge. I've never been there before, and I figured it would be fun! Thank God one of my friends knows the subway system in and out! I think I would die here without her! LOL! The bridge was A-MAZING! It is now one of my fave spots to go to because you can just stand in the middle of it and just breathe. It's a great place to just meditate and let go. Well, that was my exciting day! I hope yours were just as great! Au revoir, loves!

P.S.~ Got my first NYC catcall. Not very flattering.

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