Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yay for smiles!

Bonjour loves! Okay, so much to talk about! Let's start with last night! I swear, that 60's ballet dance just gets funner and funner every single week! We added a huge chunk to it, and I absolutely love how it's starting to look! Moving to today. My Hinduism test was not as hard as I thought it would be, so that was good. I finished drawing my mandala for art class and IT...IS...SO...INTRICATE! I swear, I am gonna drive myself nuts painting that thing in one week! I made some cash tonight babysitting my sweet little cousins. They are so much fun to hang with! I kinda felt dumb when I was going over their math homework though. I had to use my fingers! LOL! Anyway, I have to go do my own math homework and get ready for a jam-packed weekend with Meesh! A bientot, my darlings!

P.S. I am so happy that Kelts was able to finally put on a real smile today! Yay! Keep it up, love!

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