Thursday, February 19, 2009


Bonjour loves. Today was not a very good day for me. It started out fine since I had English first thing in the morning instead of pre-calc, but towards the end of the day I just did not feel like myself. So...I went home early. Still not feeling that great. At least I don't have to go to school tomorrow. On a better note, I am so happy to see Kelts continuing to do what she! She's right, too. Dance is such a great way to relieve stress and to forget about all the bad things happening in your life. That's why I love it. Anyway, I had a great workout yesterday at one of my dance classes. Who would've thought that you could do ballet to a sixties song? So much fun! Well, that's all for now, my darlings! A bientot!

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  1. your so lame! ill be seeing you in a couple hours baby girl..then ur stuck with me for what over 24!