Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Costumes are in!

Bonjour my loves! Yes, that's right! Today at my dance class, I received both of my costumes and they are just gorgeous! I cannot wait for the recital! Anywho...I had a delay this morning! It was so nice to get that extra hour and a half of sleep! So, new classes are starting off with a lot of work because I already have two tests on Friday! Ahhh! I'll get through it though! I miss my boys! I think of them every single day and I wish I was in sunny California with them instead of frozen tundra New Jersey! LOL! Well, I'm gonna go straighten my hair and study vocab! A demain, loves!

~P.S.~ A huge merci beaucoup to my lovely cousin Michele for posting the Panic videos and pictures! Sorry I haven't called love! I've been bombarded with homework! Hope to still see you on Friday! Love ya!

1 comment:

  1. aww arent u cute! i have to say i wish i was in cali with them to. ill call u later today and we will figure out tommorow! and i still havent decided if im going away on saturday or kinda leaning towards no!, its even colder there!